Popular Floorplans

Choose one of our award winning layouts and combine them with your favorite exterior. Designing a home with Silas Lacey is a simple 4 step process. All of our floorplans are customized to our clients needs and specifications and we allow as many revisions as needed to achieve the perfect home at the perfect price. Whether your layout is traditional, unorthodox, small, large, complex, or even tiny, we are dedicated to making sure your home is practical, efficient, inviting, and conceptually unique. Check out some of our layouts by clicking on “Popular Floorplans”.


Our founding partner and lead designer, Jesus Zepeda, takes pride in his architectural diversity and has created some of the more sought after designs in Texas. Every exterior follows certain architectural principles that apply to the clients vision and style. As a design firm, we simply chose to specialize in all types of architecture vs a niche market. From one exterior to the next, you’ll see a vast difference in styles. Check out some of our exteriors by clicking on “Exteriors”.

Team Collaboration

Silas Lacey is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their target price point. With our full team collaboration, we work diligently with you, your builder, or general contractor while your home is being designed. Once we receive your pre budgeted specifications, we then match your new home plans with the material allocations allowed by your builder. We also help identify any items that are not included within your builders specifications. Knowing the cost of these items upfront will help minimize surprises or change orders during construction, interim interest costs, and amount of out of pocket expenses not covered by your construction loan.