About Us

Silas Lacey LLC was formed in January 2016 by Daniel Olveda and Jesus Zepeda. As pioneers to the custom home building and architectural industry, the partnership instantly produced results. With over 25 years of combined experience with prestigious design firms and award winning builders, we decided to combine the do’s and don’t of each industry into one unique experience. Our goal is to educate, differentiate, and distinguish ourselves from the industry standards by providing customers with all the tools they need make their dream home a reality.

Jesus Zepeda

Owning Partner & Lead Designer

As a young boy, Jesus was always fascinated by how all things were built. That fascination led him down the visionary path that he finds himself in today. From taking toys apart, building furniture, and working at a mechanic shop with his uncle, his love for design has evolved and will continue to do so throughout his future.

Jesus attended Texas A&M University and earned a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design. Immediately upon graduating, he worked for various firms throughout South Texas and quickly rose through the ranks as a hard working visionary with a unique skill set unrivaled by many designers alike. As partner and lead designer, his goal is to take your thoughts and ideas and combine them with our expertise in cost, design, practicality, and create a home where life can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The Jesus Zepeda Collection of homes can be seen throughout the greater San Antonio market area and is quickly becoming a hot commodity in Austin and throughout Texas. Changing the architectural landscape by introducing new concepts, revitalizing old concepts, and infusing several styles together is what makes our designs truly unique.

Daniel Olveda

Owning Partner & VP of Operations

Daniel Olveda’s primary focus has always been the client and their experience during the preliminary planning process. After 15 years in the home building industry, Daniel knew drastic changes were needed in order to effectively design a home that meets a customers vision and budgetary goal. He quickly figured out that the most important aspect in building a custom home is proper planning.

Daniel has always prided himself in being realistic, trustworthy, dependable, and fully accessible. With over 150 custom homes successfully coordinated in his career, Daniel can provide the perfect insight on builder pricing and features. By knowing cost of material and helping identify variables that go above and beyond a builders standard specifications, his knowledge and contribution to the design phase proves invaluable.

Throughout his days as VP of Sales, he noticed that most individuals whom provided full working plans for bid were left utterly disappointed and somewhat mislead. Without knowing the cost of labor and materials, it would be very difficult for a design firm to provide a set of drawings based on a desired budget. Daniel is able to identify all cost variables in your ideas and provide the perfect design parameters for your budgetary needs.

Pyper Olson

Account Executive / Marketing Specialist

Originally from a small town in central Oregon, Pyper Olson brings a plethora of marketing and business management experience to the Silas Lacey team. For 12 years, Pyper has managed various establishments and has owned several successful businesses. She currently holds a Texas Real Estate License and enjoys various outdoor activities with her 4 year old son.

Pyper’s primary focus is to expand our audience and spread our design influence to various markets in Texas. Working with local real estate firms, developers, builders, or general public, Pyper will facilitate the architectural planning process and provide all clientele with the proper channels needed to complete a successful design.

Mission Statement

The Silas Lacey Team was brought together with one primary focus: providing clients with all the information needed to make an informed decision while providing unprecedented customer service. The Team is comprised of dependable and fresh professionals selected for their innovative thinking and excellent customer service skills. Insight, clarity, transparency, originality, and honesty are just some of the traits that define our business motto now and for years to come.